Naples, Italy - 1970

Port Canaveral, Florida - July, 1969

This was a great time in history and the Pollack was there!! We pulled into port the day before the first man walked on the moon. Talk about a liberty party, the whole area was rockin'! From what I can remember, I was up for 48 straight hours partying with the natives and watching the lunar landing. We made it back to the boat just in time for roll call and a quick nap before the manuvering watch. I asked the torpedo room watch to wake me when the watch was set, curled up next to a torpedo and promptly fell asleep. I awoke approx. 24 hours later to discover that I was AWOL. Being in the boat under water, I wondered how that could be, but oh well!?

Click on the Apollo 11 patch for details on the lunar landing. The picture below that is a post card I pick up while on liberty. It is of NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center Florida. It is captioned "At Complex 39 service engineers check one of the double-tracked crawlers of the 6,000,000 lbs. Transporter for the Saturn V launch vehicle.".