The POLLACK sails her final time
With pride and vigor true
Down in the deep and briny world
Beneath the ocean blue
She can't outrun or dive as deep
As newer vessels do
But when on course to do Her job
Be certain She'll come through
Through many years of peace and war
She's been through thick and thin
E'er ready for her country's call,
to go to war to win
Though names all change, her crews remain
A notch above the rest
With spirit true, through out her years
They've proved the POLLACK best
Always been "594" tough"
And trusted with men's lives
But in the final diving log
a surface matched each dive
Yes, POLLACK sails for one last time
She's given all She had
We'll drop Her flag, salute Her hull
Show smiles, but hearts feel sad
It's been said old ships have souls,
and never really die
Her soul will live in all our hearts
After we've bid good bye.

Last Time Home from "USS Pollack SSN 603 Deactivation Ceremony Booklet"