Naples, Italy - 1970

Finally the original USS Pollack SS-180 and crew

SS-180 Patch The USS Pollack SS-180 as P-9 The Original Pollack SS-180 Crew and Boat

"Pollack" was en route from Mare Island to Hawaii when the Japanese attacked 7 December, 1941 and she entered Pearl Harbor two days later. POLLACK, GUDGEON (SS-211) and PLUNGER (SS-179) departed Pearl Harbor 13 December as the FIRST three US submarines to go on war patrol in World War Two and were off the coast of Honshu, Japan, a few hours before midnight 31 December, the FIRST American submarines to reach Japanese waters in World War II. POLLACK damaged 2,700-ton cargo ship HEIJO MARU 5 January 1942 and, two days later, sent 2,250-ton cargo ship UNKAI MARU NO. 1 to the bottom, the FIRST officially confirmed victim of the Pacific Fleet Submarine Force. On 9 January, she sank 5,387-ton freighter TEIAN MARU by a night surface attack, and ended her first war patrol at Pearl Harbor 21 January.

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