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Plans are coming together extremely well - read the following email 
from Twig (Richard Armstrong):


Thanks for the change to correct the erroneous phone number. We have
successfully located about 700 former Guardfish sailors, and I know Dave
Stoops has over 300, making the SubFest locator service the most
successful in history! You could say that "We have successfully located
over 1,000 former Thresher/Permit class sailors for the reunion!" Not
all of them may come, but I think we're going to have a good showing. We
even got a small group from the Thresher to get in touch with us.

Keep in touch,

This next letter is all about the reunion plans and how you can 

From:	Richard E. Armstrong 

To:	workmanr@soundcom.net; kddidit@cybernw.com; dcstoop@wt.net

Date:	Friday, August 08, 1997 08:43

Subject:SubFest'98 PLANS!


All of your reunionites should make their own reservations at the
Marriott Hotel at 4th Street in Downtown San Francisco for the dates July
1, 1998 through July 4, 1998... meaning... arrive Wednesday
afternoon/evening, and leave Sunday before noon.

IF you hvae attendees requesting a stay outside these times, the Marriott
is FULL, and cannot accomodate these people, so we have made arrangements
with SIX (6) other hotels within a block or two. These hotels also will
provide needed space for the 1,000 expected guests, and we only have 350
rooms at the Marriott for the reunions. Attendees may make their OWN
reservations at three of these hotels (The Maxwell, The Handlery, & The
Hotel Union Square) by calling California Reservations at 800-576-0003.
The rates are somewhat less expensive than the Marriott. These hotels are
newly renovated private hotels, and I have personnally seen many of their
rooms. ALL reservations have been made under the code name: Guardfish
Reunion. (Because that's the way we started it.)

Another alternative for making reservations is at the remaining three
hotels (The Chancellor, The King George, and the Monticello Inn).
Attendees must call ME at 510-521-5781 to make reservations, and payments
for the rooms, as I have personally signed the contracts for these
hotels, and guaranteed payments. Because I do this without commission, I
got the best deals in town, and the best bargains. These may be the only
places in town to get rooms, as most of the other hotels are booked up
already for the '98 season. (Good thing I got started early!)

It is important that I get your home addresses, and here's mine:

	Richard E. Armstrong
	1626 Encinal Avenue          510-521-5781
	Alameda, CA 94501

The Airline arrangements should be made through the Travel Store at:
800-786-7307 and speak with Don Brown FTGC(SS) Ret. We have a discount
group plan with United Airlines.

The Reunion registration fee is $100 per person and should be sent to ME.
Checks should be made out to Guardfish Reunion. You might remind your
attendees that there will be separate function rooms for each boat for
your own reunion things at the Marriott.

This covers the Thursday AM Brunch,
Dazzling entertainment,
the Function rooms,
The Big Dinner bash on Friday evening with Capt. Lloyd Bucher of the USS
Pueblo as our speaker,
and a DeLuxe tour of the City of San Francisco. (We have chartered 4
Busses with a very good tour company)

I must have this money by April 1, 1998... and we should get some early
payments to cover our obligations at the Marriott by January 1, 1998. All
this money goes to the hotels, and the tour company. We run a tight ship
here. After April 1st... the Registration fee MAY go UP another $25, just
to cover ourselves... as things are running real slim.

It is important that we start getting hotel reservations as soon as
reasonably possible, so we can get our obligations settled with the
hotels, as well as the Registration Fee. I get a bit nervous when I see
contrscts with real big numbers on them, and I'd like to keep things
moving along, and keep everyone happy.

RV'ers MUST make reservations with Candlestick RV Park right away! Call
800-888-CAMP and speak with Chu. They have a free shuttle to the Marriott
Hotel from the RV Park. It's the only game in town.

Call me for any answers. E-mail at any time for clarifications. I hope
this info gets out to all your reunionites soon.

We're gonna have a hell of a party!


USS Guardfish (SSN-612)	http://topshelf.keene.edu/GUARDHOME
Reunion Coordinator     http://home.earthlink.net/~dallasp/
SubFest'98 Chairman	http://www.uconect.net/~td/caaren/Guard.htm


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