Naples, Italy - 1970

Home Port - Portsmouth, VA

From left: LT(jg) Bob Kennedy (SC), LT(jg) Jim Redd, LCDR Em Cobb (XO), LT Jim Tisarani, LT(jg) Doug Wright, and LT(jg) Tom Scott
Bowling Trophy - SSN Pollack - Last Place 1968
Another piece of Pollack memory. While we were in Norfolk Naval Shipyard in
1968 and 1969, we formed a bowling league. The officer team was named "The
Bubbas." I had never had a bowling ball in my hands before but was pressed
into service since duty watchstanders limited available bodies. Our scores
were further reduced by Bob Lindsay calling for a "beer frame" EVERY frame
and Doc Legoski sneaking in lots of cheap wine (and sharing a sip or two).
At the end of the season, trophies were presented. Not unexpected, The
Bubbas came in last. Attached is a picture of our last place "trophy", the
only bowling trophy I ever "won."
Tom Scott

Doc Legoski, Linda, Pete, O.B., Gordo, Sonny, Brownie, Hank. Sick Schaffer, Charlie (1/17/69) Tom O'Brien (1/17/69)

Gabe Chellew (2/27/69) Sarge Morrison, Billy and Sheila Maifield, Penny McIntyre, Barb Dowdall (2/27/69)

Art Wiesemann (1969) Gabe Chellew, O.B., Rick Lilly (1969) Mendat, Conger, Hermie -- Mex, Sarge

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